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Meet Dr. Vance

Dr. Vance has the background and experience to help you feel better!

After graduating from Logan Chiropractic College in St. Louis, Missouri.

Dr. Vance began practicing in Queensland, Australia, and Couer d’Alene, Idaho.

He opened his practice in Sandy, Utah for over a decade.

In addition to attaining his Doctor of Chiropractic degree, Dr. Vance has completed a Bachelor of Science in Human Biology.

Dr. Vance practices the “diversified technique” treatment, which includes nutrition, exercise, and diet in the treatment plan. He is also certified in activator treatment. Working extensively with victims of many different types of accidents.

Dr. Vance has gained invaluable experience helping people recover from auto injuries and other accidents. Patients who seek treatment from Dr. Vance can expect to receive the best care, personalized for their individual case.

Outside of work: Dr. Vance maintains an active lifestyle which includes downhill skiing, water sports, and spending time with his wife and seven children.


To Whom It May Concern,

On Christmas Eve of last year, I was involved in a pretty serious car accident in which my automobile rolled over several times. In the following months, I began noticing that I was having frequent headaches and neck pain. Sometimes the pain would be so severe that I would not be able to go to work or school that day. This was not only an inconvenience physically, but also began affecting my grades and paychecks.

In March of this year, I met Dr. Adam Vance at the gym where I workout. Out of curiosity, I had Dr. Vance give me postural analysis. What he found out concerned and surprised me. Apparently, the accident had done a lot more damage than I realized. After a thorough examination at Dr. Vance’s office, I immediately began treatment.

Now, only two months later, I feel like a completely new person. I didn’t realize that I was living with such pain and discomfort until I started feeling better. Now, I wake up in the mornings feeling rested and ready to start the day instead of battling with a headache or neck and back pain. I am very grateful to Dr. Vance for helping me feel better. Life has to be lived to its fullest, which can be hard to do when you're in pain!


Kandis, Grateful Patient

I was experiencing severe pain in my lower back. I went to Dr. Vance and he immediately helped, within two to three visits my pain was gone. I left on a trip driving to Colorado about a week after my visits with him. By stopping at rest stops and doing the exercises he suggested my back didn’t hurt at all during the entire trip.

It is like getting a new life getting away from that constant nagging pain. Back pain seems to be the worst of all and once you feel relief from it you want to always have that relief. By taking care of yourself, exercising, and regular chiropractic visits I think you can always be pain-free.

Dr. Vance discovered the cause of another problem I have had for years. I had pain on my lower right side, sometimes it would get very bad. In May 2000 I began having the pain on my right side worse than it had ever been. I thought it was my appendix or something like that. I went to several doctors, including a surgeon to try to figure out what was causing the pain. It was very bad. No one could tell me what the pain was. They sent me for all the horrible and expensive tests including a CT Scan. I was charged about $3,000 but none of the doctors could give me any answers or any relief. The pain went away after about three months.

The first day Dr. Vance examined me we were going through some reflex tests when he asked if I ever experienced pain in my right side exactly where the severe pain had been a few months before. I was so shocked!! I said yes as a matter of fact I have. During the reflex test, my right leg did not respond the way it should. He said I must have experienced some trauma to the muscle by the hip joint. He told me to think of any accident or injury I had to cause it. Later that day I remembered an accident where that muscle could have been strained and stretched severely about twenty years before. He helped with that situation also, that pain has never returned.

I hadn’t been able to lift my right leg up very high for a long time. I would have to lift it with my hands sometimes. After Dr. Vance finished I was able to lift my right leg higher again. It was so amazing!

Anyone thinking about giving Dr. Vance the opportunity to make you feel better should not procrastinate another minute. He is great. You will never be sorry, only happy and relieved to be rid of the pain.


Draper, Utah

For about 7 to 8 years now, I have been suffering from the most excruciating migraines. The amount of migraines I usually had within a weeks time was 2 to 3. They usually lasted for more than 24 hours, they always started at the base of my head where I had constant knots that hurt all the time. I would experience nausea, blurred vision, sensitivity to light, sound, and smells. I would also see what I call floaties or little spots flying around. I had tried almost every migraine medicine there is and had to keep switching because I would become immune to them so quickly. Between migraines, I experienced constant dull headaches. What I wanted to do was to find a natural method without drugs. These migraines have kept me from having the quality of life that I have desired for so long.

I knew that a good chiropractor would be able to help me at least alleviate the pain that I was feeling. That is when I finally was referred by a friend to come see Dr. Vance.

I have been seeing Dr. Vance since May 28th. Since then I have only had one migraine. And a couple of headaches. I have never felt so good in my life and I look forward to feeling better to the point that I won’t have migraines or headaches anymore. The great thing about it is, that my original reason for going in was for migraines. But in addition to decreasing them, my constant backaches are gone, my muscles don’t ache, I sleep better at night and I have more energy than I have ever had in my life.